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Second Independent Festival of Emerging Documentary Film

1. Background

Last year, whom conform the collective Contrapique with the support of Central University of Ecuador trough University Cinema accomplished the first edition of DOC-KET fest which was widely accepted and showed an international selection of 12 countries with more than 25 documentaries. The festival carried out other activities such as talks, forums, discussions and a contest of short documentaries that rewarded young participants from Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. All these events were completely free and developed in a self-managed manner.

Contrapique is a group of audiovisual filmmakers that works independently, without profit and who works in the documentary, photojournalism and mediactivism field. Contrapique is also involved to social and organizational processes. We have done several free workshops in different neighborhoods and cities in Ecuador, as well as exhibitions and several documentary projects.

2. Objectives

In this second edition, the festival has the objective to broaden its audience and generate spaces for participation, discussion, dissemination and creation of an emerging documentary from new sectors. The festival wants to bring to the audiences a unique process of creating documentaries in which the amount of resources and the technical limitations do not matter. We think that the main reason of existence of the emergent documentary is the ability of telling real stories in a creativity way, and how it is linked to processes that encourage the independent development of individual and collective visual projects that tell the stories of oppressed and invisible sectors of our society.

3. Call for entries

3.1. Screening documentaries at the festival.

We invite documentary makers who have visual products that can be part of the official selection of the festival. It will be carried out free of charge at the main venues: Central University of Ecuador and The House of Rebel Culture. We also propose other projections in popular neighborhoods, peasant communities, unions, schools, universities and in other cultural and alternative spaces of the city and the country.

To be part of the official election of the festival

  • They will be able to send their projects people, groups or organizations of any nationality.

  • The topic will be free while it is in the documentary genre.

  • If the films were made in another language, they have to have Spanish subtitles.

Each project has to include

  • Link to the videos for their complete and correct visualization

  • Registration form that includes: title, author or authors, year and place o realization, and a brief synopsis of the piece or pieces

Deadlines for sending projects

  • The deadline for sending projects is on Sunday, June 24, 2018

  • Those interested should send the required documentation by email to the following address: contrapique.ec@gmail.com

  • The selected projects will be part of the official program of the festival.

3.2. Microdocumentary Contest

We invite to participate in this contest documentary makers, students, non-professional who have produced material or want to do it under a free theme, within the genre of documentary, applying the techniques of Cine-Guerrilla (Under budget).

Contest rules:

*Individual participants or collective of any nationality can participate without age limit.

Characteristics of the microdocumentaries

  • The projects should have a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

  • The topic is free within the documentary genre.

  • For the selection, the works must be available on the web (Youtube - Vimeo).

For the registration

  • Each project should include:

  • Link to the videos with complete and correct visualization (Youtube - Vimeo)

  • Registration form that includes:

  • Title, author or authors, year and place of realization, and a brief explanation of the pieces.

Deadlines for presentation and selection process

  • The term for the presentation of the works will end on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

  • Participants must send the required documentation through email to the following address: contrapique.ec@gmail.com indicating in the subject REGISTRATION: LAST NAME AND FIRST NAME (or Collective).

  • The organization will check that the contest pieces have the requirements described in these rules.

  • Subsequently, a committee selection will be appointed, which will be composed of several recognized audiovisual directors.

  • The selected videos will be part of the festival program.


  • The participation in the contest will be free, non-profit and we guarantee to maintain the total rights o authorship of the filmmakers and the use of the material will be only for activities related to the festival and the projects within it.

  • The author or the authors will be responsible or the content and rights of the images used to make the videos, disconnecting any responsibility to the organization of the festival.

  • The organization guarantees that it won´t use the received materials for commercial or lucrative purposes and it commits to give the best diffusion to the selected works in the festival as well as the adequate projection of the videos.

  • The selection committee will resolve any unforeseen event not covered in these rules.

  • The participation in the festival confirms the acceptance of these rules.


  • A commission will be composed of a representative of the Central University of Ecuador, by a representative of Contrapique and two audiovisual filmmakers with experience; will define the winners of the contest.

  • The selection and judging criteria will prioritize works that approach to the essence of the festival.



1st place

  • Tablet

  • Trophy

  • Replica of the Sundial of the Central University of Ecuador.

  • Free participation in a documentary workshop organized later by Contrapique.

  • Diploma of participation

  • Diffusion of work in national and international circuits and festivals.

2nd place

  • Prize valued at USD 50.

  • Trophy

  • Replica of the Sundial of the Central University of Ecuador.

  • Free participation in a documentary workshop organized later by Contrapique.

  • Diploma of participation

  • Diffusion of work in national and international circuits and festivals.

Most voted microdocumentary (prize chosen by the public)

  • Free participation in a documentary workshop organized later by Contrapique.

  • Diploma of participation

Diplomas for all participants

*The cost of the price delievery is to be borne by the winner

4. Previous Activities

Audiovisual creation workshop:

As complementary activity of the contest, it is proposed to dictate audiovisual creation and editing workshops using smartphones in universities, high schools and interested cultural spaces.

5. Parallels Activities

Along with the screenings, there will be forums, talks, workshops, and videoconferences with the authors of the documentaries, and with people linked to documentalism.

6. Schedule

  • Release of the call: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

  • Free creative workshops: Between May 22 and June 18, 2018.

  • Term for sending documentaries to be screened at the festival: Until Sunday, June 24, 2018.

  • Registration term: Sunday, June 24, 2018.

  • Launch of the official selection and agenda of the festival: July 1, 2018.

  • Start of the Festival: Thursday, July 19, 2018

  • Closing of the Festival and awards: Saturday, July 28, 2018.

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